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God is waiting to be heard.

November 26, 2002

If you want to be more effective in your own meditation, allow what is within to consume your view, to free your view. To meditate, indeed to pray, is to listen. When you meditate, when you pray, you must listen to yourself. You must listen to the stirrings from within that are always true. They are always God-directed. They are always loving and supportive. When one prays, it is more efficient, more effective to listen than it is to direct. You pray for others, but in praying for others, it does not change God’s response when you ask for God’s response. God is not waiting to be asked. God is waiting to be heard.

When you pray for others, therefore, being silent and enjoying the process of just being are enough, because in enjoying that process, you are acknowledging it. You are acknowledging what it means to be. It is a gigantic acknowledgment. It is for many the greatest of difficulties to quiet oneself and to allow oneself the luxury of listening to the sound of life, listening to the sound of love.

Accept the fact that although you are divine, you are also human. That comes of course as no surprise, but being human means that there are paths yet to be explored. There are traces to be followed and dreams to be dreamt. Along this path you will make good decisions and bad decisions. You learn from them both. You cannot expect to be perfect in your response to others. You cannot expect to be perfect in meditation. You cannot expect to be perfect in your communication with the energies of another, for you are learning. You are increasingly becoming; you are not arriving. Human life is a process; it is not a product. You are experiencing a process, and all that you experience has value.

God is waiting to be heard.
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