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God is.

June 7, 2020

Your life may be filled with encounters that drive you to ask, “Why does this happen? If God is present, how can this take place? What is the purpose of such suffering?”

Those questions will never be answered by rational explanations. What matters rather is a commitment to believe fully that no matter what happens, God is. God’s energy is present. There is healing—physical, emotional, social, political. There is always healing. Such healing is a process, not merely a product. True healing is growth, an evolution. True healing is movement along a pathway. For all human beings, that pathway, although filled with possible interruptions, is always pointed in the right direction. There is no human being who is not on a pathway of healing.

You are aware of what someone says or decisions someone makes, and it is easy to say, “There is no growth. There is no healing. There is no balance.” But you are observing a step, not the whole journey. A journey is not defined by a step; the step is defined by the journey. Your life is defined by the journey you are on; the journey is not defined by the individual steps you take. It is for that reason that forgiveness belongs to the healing process, for in forgiving others, you are not affirming the step, but you are affirming the sacredness of the journey.

God is.
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