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God seen best in humans.

November 12, 2017

God can always be seen in the efforts of others to achieve peace of all kinds. When you seek beauty in the relationships of people to one another, when you seek beauty in the experience of life, when you see individuals concerned about the resolution of misunderstanding, the alleviation of hatred, you are experiencing a glimpse of God. Because there are always people looking for peace, there is always a place to capture that glimpse, and when captured successfully—one individual, one event, one sense of commitment at a time—that glimpse becomes a vision of the broadest field of perspective.

You need to seek glimpses. Without the desire to see, there is no reason to open your eyes. Without the desire for a glimpse, there is no motivation to seek. Without seeking, there is no vision. Without vision, there is no understanding. And without understanding, there is no open expression of compassionate and supportive love. That chain is actually unbroken. Each link is essential. Each link must be sought after.

Where is the glimpse of God? It is in the eyes of one who is patient but who has nothing otherwise. You may see God in the poorest individual, in an individual who seems to have lost almost everything. You see God in the touch of another, in an embrace, in the eyes of someone else. You see God in the intonation of someone who is speaking. You see God in the actions of people. God is in fact everywhere visible—not as a form, not as some sort of humanlike creature in a form that may be represented in art through the ages. That is not God.

God is in the person sitting next to you. God is in the person behind you and in front of you. You see God in those who are supportive of you. You see God in those who are in some way in conflict with you. You certainly see God in nature, in the animal world and plant world. But you see God most clearly through another human being, for that human being is godly because of the presence of spirit. God is everywhere, but God can be experienced so personally through another individual. Certainly it is easy to see God in the ocean, to see God in a sunset, to see God from a mountaintop, but the strongest view is through another human being.

God seen best in humans.
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