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God speaks constantly.

September 18, 2016

God speaks to you in your own way according to your own needs. God speaks in the silence. God speaks in the agony. God speaks in the ecstasy. God speaks in the suffering and the rejoicing. God speaks constantly to everyone, but it is for you to find the means of listening.

When God speaks it is not the result of your prayers, for the wisdom, the peace, the unconditional love, the healing power is constant. It never stops. It never waits to be invited. It is always with you.

God speaks a language that is understandable by all. There is no interpreter that is necessary. There is no middle person who must in turn interpret the voice of God. You are capable of hearing that voice as it best serves you. What you hear is based on your needs. Whether they are perceived by you as pressing needs or whether you may not actually be aware of them, they are conditions that help focus the voice of God upon your soul.

God speaks constantly.
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