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Godly emotions and qualities.

May 15, 2016

God can rejoice. God is not a power without feeling. Too often humans believe that God may be love, but is that the only emotion that is capable of being felt by God? If God can feel love, God can feel joy. God can also feel sorrow. It is common to attempt to define God in human terms, for that is the only way that you can grasp some of God’s character.

God is not actually human, male or female. God is not identified as a kind of genus or species, but God is a presence whose characteristics are shared to a greater or lesser extent among all people. It is not so important to attribute to God human emotions but rather to attribute to humankind godly qualities. You feel love because God is love. You feel the benefits of joy, elation, optimism, energy, enthusiasm because these are all characteristics of God that affirm the value of life and of all who share life. You experience love because love is learned. You experience joy because joy is learned, but in experiencing these emotions, you also express them. You are not just the receiver—you are the giver of these. It is in the giving of these affirming attributes that you are really reflecting the God that lies within.

Godly emotions and qualities.
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