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Golden Rule.

May 21, 2017

You have concepts of how you imagine God to be responding to what transpires in your lives. You have a vision of the place of God when you experience joy. You also have a vision of the place of God in your life when you experience tragedy, frustration, loss, or depression. Because you are divine, you have an understanding of how God responds and a sense of how you must respond. Recognizing the response of God because God is divine means that you recognize your own response because you are divine.

The Golden Rule which you have known since childhood should actually be revised: Do unto others as you would have God do unto you. It is you as an individual and collectively as well who actually bring about God's response within the human world. God does not simply respond in some objective distant way. When God responds through prayer, that response is brought into existence through human response. If one prays, for example, to be cured of an illness, it is not God who provides the cure. It is human beings who issue the response. If you pray to be cured, it is you who ultimately respond. It is you who accept the condition and grow as a result. It is a combination of the efforts of others that may ultimately bring about a physical response to an illness.

Golden Rule.
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