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Grow seeds of love.

July 23, 2017

You are asked in all cases not to be quick in judgment but to be patient and to observe and be aware of all that is good that may come from what appears initially not to be. Fires in the forest appear to be totally destructive, and yet in many instances it is through the presence of fire that the nutrients of natural propagation are released, and life is affirmed and supported. In the end, fire in the forest is never total destruction, for even the most destructive flame holds within it the nourishment of creation.

So it is, so it must be as you contemplate your own challenges, there is nothing that you face in life that holds within it only total destruction, for within those challenges are released the seeds for growth, for change, for evolution, for expansion. In the presence of hate, grow the seeds of love. Find evidence wherever of those seeds of love. You can recognize the flame but deny its total destructive impact, for out of those challenges, there is always growth.

There is nothing you face, there is nothing you experience that totally destroys who you are. The death of the body is the release of spirit. The death of the body is not the total destruction of all that exists. The seeming death of justice holds within it its own seeds for justice. The most bitter argument can sow the seeds of the most tender reconciliation.

Grow seeds of love.
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