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Growth is assured.

May 18, 2004

When you wonder about your human journey, whether you are developing as you should develop, whether you are responding to life as you should respond, accept the truth that you are where you must be. It does not mean that you are to remain where you are, but you are evolving and growing as you are intended to evolve and to grow.

Your understanding of God grows as it should. For some, that understanding evolves with great magnitude and depth. For others, that growth is less easily defined. But all human beings are on a journey which is appropriate for them. There are human beings, of course, whose behavior is counter to God’s wishes, whose behavior inhibits the development of others. But for that individual, that is only one brief moment in the spiritual development that is occurring. For you, that individual is also a brief moment in your own spiritual journey.

It is difficult for you to see your life as extremely brief. You can look back upon your life and feel the time has moved quickly, but no human being sees his or her life as but a moment. It is only when you have completed your human experience that you can clearly observe the moment that was experienced.

When you encounter individuals and events that seem to hinder your growth or the growth of others, you must try to imagine the momentary aspect of that evolution. What you consider to be great trauma, great difficulty, is but the briefest challenge imaginable. As a result, your spiritual growth is continuous. It is never stopped, no matter what life experiences you endure. No matter what an individual does to you, your growth is assured. No matter what you may do to another, your growth and the growth of another are equally assured. There are lessons to be learned, of course, but the growth is unmistakable. Your life is experienced for that growth.

When you imagine your life to be but a moment, you may also try to imagine looking from a distance at your life. Do you see a direction? Do you see a character which is formed, which provides purpose? Do you see patterns of your own behavior that help you understand your journey more clearly? Such a view of your life is always possible. You can, as it were, step out of your life in order to understand it more clearly. You step away from the trees and you see the forest. You see its shape. You see its ability to grow and adapt. You see its gradual transformation. When you step away from being a molecule of water and you see a bowl of water’s contents moving together, you begin to understand more clearly the interrelationships that are so important.

Growth is assured.
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