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Growth of spirit is curtailed by certainty of correctness.

June 11, 2023

There are many spirits who have been accompanied on their journey by the human presence in which that presence has sought only to follow what it has been told. It is common, then, that many of those spirits reenter human life-form in order to learn by making choices. This is in comparison with the spirits who often are associated with human lives filled with torment, filled with challenges, filled with questions and doubts, for those torments, questions and doubts ultimately must be grappled with, and it is in the grappling that the true learning of the spirit takes place. For many such souls, no choice is made to return to human form, for they have been strengthened. Their paths have been more clearly seen, paths that lead in the direction of pure Love. The person who is always assured of what must be done learns much less than those of you who wrestle with turning left or right or going straight ahead.

With prayer you cannot make a wrong choice. You will do what is appropriate at that point, at that moment, and when you look back, it may appear to be an appropriate move to have taken, or it may seem less so. Regardless, you have made the decision, and the act of deciding is the act that is strength-giving for spirit and gives ultimate value to human life. Therefore, don’t shy away from dilemmas of how to respond, what to do. Don’t succumb to fear of making a wrong decision, for there are no wrong decisions. What curtails the growth of spirit is a life devoted to the absolute certainty of its correctness.

These life lessons are to be learned by all, either in a current life experience or through subsequent human experiences. Each soul has its own needs, and therefore each soul will require different challenges. There are life-forms for whom the challenges of human existence are inappropriate. In those cases, the spirit accompanies the life in a very different form. Not all life of spirit must accompany life on your earth. There are countless other life-forms which serve to strengthen spirit and lead those spirits toward being all Love.

Growth of spirit is curtailed by certainty of correctness.

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