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Guardian angels and spirit guides.

April 16, 2023

There is no division in meaning between guardian angel and spirit guide. Those are merely labels, but what is important to understand is that spiritual presence is aware of you and knows you in the deepest, most profound and loving sense that you can imagine. Your guides know you more intimately than your closest friends, more profoundly than your family. The guides truly know who you are, for they see your light. They know you from what your light emits. They see the positive energy. They see the negative energy. They see the energy that comes from struggles and concerns. They see the energy that comes from rejoicing and thanksgiving. They see and they know the energy of compassion, of real caring, of fear, sadness, and joy. They know the light, the energy, of guilt. They know what it means to give of yourself expecting nothing in return. You are known fully. You are loved unconditionally. And your search for understanding—understanding of life, who you are, what you are—is guided and nurtured, supported, uplifted, caressed, strengthened, and given a lightness that takes away what is dark, what is negative, what is fearful, whatever is not reflective of God’s presence.

Guardian angels and spirit guides.

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