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Healing requires peace.

June 10, 2018

When you pray for another, you are indeed helping that person in a means far greater than anything else you could do. You pray for a person out of compassion. You pray for a group of people who may be suffering out of compassion. It is not really an automatic activity. True prayer is motivated by this compassion and as such, has far reaching results.

What can you pray for which offers such potential? Above all, you pray for peace. You pray for the peace of an individual or a group of people. You pray for your own peace—emotional peace, physical peace.

When one prays for healing, one is really praying for the elimination of suffering. That's compassion. It is natural to pray for the healing of another through the motivation of wanting to see the other returned to you, to health, to perfection perhaps. But in the end, healing is really the establishment of peace within. If someone is terminally ill and ultimately achieves an inner peace, that person is indeed healed. In a way, that individual is often of greater health than the one who offered the prayer.

Pray for peace therefore. It makes a difference. It brings healing. It brings people together. It fosters understanding. It is an exercise in compassionate love. It is the fulfillment of God's wish for all souls.

The development of the spirit through the many stages can be seen as a refinement, as a perfection of inner peace and its expression through compassionate love.

Healing requires peace.
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