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Human souls not animals.

January 22, 2007

Spirit is energy, and there are many forms of energy. One of those forms of energy is the spirit that you have within, but that energy form, that spirit, is different from an energy form found in other animals. It is different from other energy forms found in plants. It is different from energy forms found in the rock beneath your feet. God created these energy forms and they are equal in value, but they are of differing contexts.

Has your spirit center, your soul, inhabited another animal, or will it inhabit another animal? The answer is no, but all animals have a kind of energy that reflects God, and that energy is of equal importance to your own spirit source. When you receive what you describe as love from another animal or you see the behavior of one animal toward another, either within its species or beyond its own species, you are observing another form of energy. Since the central capacity, the central energetic force, if you will, that is God is love, the energy forms that emanate from that loving energy also can be loving. It is a different style. The energy is a different frequency. It is characterized in different ways.

Those animals that you observe do not merely exist. They do have an energy that comes from God, but it is a form vastly different from the human spirit. You may spend a lifetime understanding or trying to understand the nature of spirit. Even in its pursuit your understanding is limited, for the energy form that animals share is vastly different from your own but equally valid, equally important.

Animals can learn from one another. They can learn from other species. Indeed, some animals learn from human beings and vice versa. For many human beings, the first consciously observed experience of being loved is experienced through interaction with another species of animal. Being loved unconditionally by another animal can teach human beings what it means to be unconditionally loving. Becoming unconditionally loving for you means you must be unconditionally loving toward everyone, toward all that belongs to this created universe.

Human souls not animals.
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