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Humankind is evolving in awareness.

July 30, 2023

There are many threads that can be represented by the interests and concerns, the goals and objectives of many corners of humankind. But those threads can be woven together so that the tapestry that results creates a new reality of its own. The thread is not the tapestry, and the tapestry is not just the individual threads. But the tapestry is the weaving together to make sense, to have purpose, to tell a story, to provide a form of beauty and understanding that would be impossible through the existence of a sole strand of fiber.

The story of humankind is a story of evolution, a story of growing awareness of what is meant by caring, by loving, by accepting, and what is meant by burying the ego and raising the value of all else. You are a part of this tapestry of humanity. Indeed, what you understand of the nature of God and the nature of God’s love consists of only a few filaments of the grand tapestry that moves ever closer to being all that God is.

You seek this understanding, this growth, and there are others who do the same. Each group, each individual, each collection of spirits that look for a loving understanding of what God is are part of that grand tapestry. The purpose of that tapestry of All That Is is the unifying of that existence. The tapestry brings all into a full union with God. This is a process. It is a blending, a melding of what is different in order to create what is fully spirit.

Humankind is evolving in awareness.

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