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Imaging is effective as prayer.

August 23, 2020

The use of imaging is extremely effective because it removes the formalism too often associated with prayer. Imagining is a perfect example of what you can do for another without really making a "prayer" in some verbal manner on behalf of another. You are really recognizing God's presence through that imaging, and that is the greatest benefit of prayer and its highest purpose.

When you pray, it is most effective when you yourself are at peace. When you are upset or distraught, it is difficult to remove self from prayer, even when you pray for another, because one is tempted to pray for what one wishes on behalf of another. When you pray for the peace of another, you are really being removed from the subject of that prayer, because you do not necessarily receive a direct benefit by the achievement of another's peace. When you pray for someone to be completely healed, you are often praying, in a sense, not to be separated from that person, and are thereby in part praying for yourself. Therefore, seek ways of offering selfless prayer, selfless imaging, a selfless surrounding of another. The ability to exercise such prayer is greatly enhanced when you are at peace within.

Imaging is effective as prayer.
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