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Impatience is lack of vision.

May 27, 2020

Impatience is merely a momentary lack of vision. When your sense of belonging to God is clouded, impatience and fear can arise. By keeping your thoughts anchored in the loving light and healing presence that is God, the impatience, fear, and anxiety is lessened. It is, of course, human to experience those emotions, but when they are experienced, look inward for signs of God that you really feel, and look outward for signs of God that are all around you, that are in the nature that surrounds you and in the people that surround and care for you and for others.

You are blessed in your efforts to see God inside. You are blessed in your efforts to see God working through others. Be grateful for each glimpse, for those brief moments of vision contain within them all the strength you need.

You are surrounded by God’s light. You are surrounded by those who love you, and you are surrounded by those whom you love. Engage in those connections. Yes, rejoice in those connections! Find peace, affirmation, and total love as you open the vision of your heart and allow the energy to nurture and strengthen your spirit.

Impatience is lack of vision.
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