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Intolerance is based on ignorance.

August 6, 2023

Societies are collections of countless souls united in some kind of social bond. The differences of those societies must be understood, of course, for one cannot go through life ignoring the reality that other views exist, other viewpoints are taken, other actions are committed.

It is to your benefit to become aware as much as possible of all that transpires. If you are to learn tolerance, you must be aware of an issue that requires it. Tolerance is not ignorance; tolerance is based on knowledge. Intolerance is based on ignorance. You should therefore be most concerned about learning of the beliefs, the directions of activity of other societies, be they governed by secular or sacred beliefs. The future of the world depends on such knowledge, not on ignorance. There is the well-known expression that a problem does not go away if you ignore it. An issue can only be resolved through understanding. Such understanding is the beginning of tolerance.

Intolerance is based on ignorance.

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