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It is by the Light that you live.

December 24, 2023

You are bathed in the Light.
You are warmed by the Light.
You are healed by the Light.
You are nurtured by the Light.

It is by this Light that you and all people live. It is not by a wish for the Light but rather by its very presence that your life is given meaning, direction, a context. You are guided, comforted, and taught through the Light. You are given wisdom through the Light. Of course, the Light of which we speak is the Light of God or Allah or Yahweh or any designation that implies the centrality of All That Is. The labels are meaningless. Only the Light remains constant.

Rejoice in the brilliance! Rejoice in its warmth! Rejoice in your opportunities to give with an open hand that reflects and is warmed from the Light above!

It is by the Light that you live.

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