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Judging another is judging God.

February 16, 2009

God blesses your life with a loving warmth and a blinding radiance that can only be seen with the heart. There is no way that any soul can see the full radiance that is the God of all. You are a part of that blinding radiance, for God is not just an external construct, an explanation, a basis for what is not understood. God is a collection of all that is. As a consequence, God is you and everyone else. Each of you forms a part of what God is.

It is because of that reality that any kind of judgment is really meaningless, whether it is judgment against another or judgment directed toward yourself. Since all human beings belong to what God actually is, judging another is the same hypocrisy as judging God. You are asked not to judge but to embrace, to welcome, to uplift. That is your charge.

Judging another is judging God.
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