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Language of God.

November 11, 2018

Darkness is not filled with energy although it may contain energy. But light is filled only with energy, and it is light that overcomes darkness. It is light that ultimately brings hope to darkness. It is not darkness providing hope, but light.

You are divine, but you are also, in part, contained by what is still dark. You are the small reflection in the darkness, and yet that reflection is a reflection of what is divine. Because of your own divinity, you can respond. You respond as you respond in a conversation when you understand what is being said. If someone speaks to you in a language that is unknown to you, it is obvious your response can only be limited. But when you are approached by one who speaks your language, there will be a response.

That response can come in many forms. It can be an intentional disregard. It can be joy, grief, worry, hope, or inspiration. The response is unlimited in its varieties, but there is always a response because there is always a connection through the language. They are not just sounds, but they have meaning.

Human lives have meaning because the spirit within speaks the language of God. The connection is because God has relevance. God has importance. God has meaning to the spirit within. Because of that, a response is natural and unavoidable.

Language of God.
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