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Let it go.

June 12, 2016

It is a difficult lesson to learn to be whole, for being whole is not merely the belief in God as some abstract energy of love. To be whole requires that you see the wholeness. Seeing the wholeness at some level, you cannot any longer deny God’s Spirit is a part of your life because of that wholeness. The importance of love is relevant because it reflects the wholeness we speak of. It is understandable and perfectly normal to hold resentments and anger and bitterness. That is part of being human, but God’s presence allows you to transcend those feelings, allows you to accept those feelings as part of your journey, because in denying them, you are denying a part of your spiritual journey.

Don’t continue through life denying either others or your own feelings. Embrace others. Embrace the feelings you may have even when they are not positive or supporting. Experience those feelings and then let them go, for you are not directed in life by those feelings. Rather, you direct your life to take what comes that brings pain or anxiety, and then let it go, keeping your vision on the potential for good, the power of reconciliation, and the overwhelming grace of love.

Let it go.
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