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Life absolutely continues.

April 12, 2020

If you understand the implications of spiritual growth without ceasing, it is easier for you to grasp the real continuity of life. There is no instant between the conclusion of the human stage of existence and the spiritual level. Life absolutely continues. The consciousness does not cease and then begin again. It remains.

There is a greatly intensified awareness when a transition is made. It is as if you come out of a darkened room into a great light. The only difficulty that is faced is when the room is exceptionally dark. You must squint and close your eyes briefly, and slowly accommodate yourselves to the brilliance. The light continues; the consciousness remains.

For some, the transition to a brighter light is less difficult than for others. For those whose earthly lives have remained essentially in darkness, the contrast of suddenly being in such radiance requires time to adapt.

Life absolutely continues.
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