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Life for enhancement of spirit.

October 28, 2018

All life has purpose. All life has a reason for that life. No two lives are equal in all ways. No two lives are identical, but in a specific way life does have meaning. Life does have purpose. There is a reason for life. The reason for life is not life itself. The reason for life is the enhancement of spirit. It is the way the spirit can grow and become more godly until finally being part of the entity, the community that is God.

Your life is important because there is purpose. There is a rudder. You may not know necessarily where that rudder will take your raft, but there is a rudder, and it is for you to grab hold of it and to acknowledge its importance to your life. The rudder, the spirit, the connection with God is absolutely essential for you to traverse your path as it is to be so.

Life for enhancement of spirit.
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