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Life is a search for divine awareness.

August 8, 2021

It is difficult for many to love themselves, for they are more aware than anyone else of their individual shortcomings. Some can become negatively intolerant of themselves to such an extent that they tend to pull themselves downward. They prevent themselves from achieving positive results in life. You must learn to be tolerant of yourself, recognizing that life is not the pursuit of perfection but the search for a divine awareness. If one becomes perfect at some task and is yet limited in awareness of God, life has not been fulfilled to its potential. But one who does not achieve perfection in some discipline and yet is aware of God and applies that awareness in daily living, that life is indeed fulfilled and is far richer than that the life of the first person.

Recognizing God and reflecting God are two very different realities. One can recognize God superficially, knowing that somehow, in some form, there is a God, but such a nebulous recognition does not lead to the expression of God. A full recognition of God implies, even requires, a complete acceptance of yourself. Only when you fully accept yourself can you most effectively reflect God to another. Note here the qualification “most effectively,” for each reflects God at one level of intensity or another without always being able at a given moment to accept oneself—therefore, the ultimate need to love oneself.

Life is a search for divine awareness.
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