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Life is opportunity to enhance eternity.

January 1, 2023

Going to church and saying prayers and singing hymns are not the only ways of providing strength to your soul. Reaching out to others, sharing joy with another, sharing sadness with another, sharing frustrations with another, sharing celebrations of love with another, pursuing activities that affirm the value and dignity of all human life—all of these activities provide strength and depth to your soul and are therefore important.

Look upon your life as an opportunity to enhance and strengthen the meaning of your eternity. Affirm the dignity of your own life by supporting the dignity of all others. Avoid judgments for they are not confirmations of another's value. Think positively in spite of setbacks, for life indeed moves forward and upward. Life never moves backward. You may be happy today and sad tomorrow, but that does not imply your life’s moving in a reverse direction. You may be healthy today and ill tomorrow, but that is not a setback in the direction your life must be taking. Your life moves forward ever constantly toward God and toward a greater understanding of what it means to love and to be loved.

Life is opportunity to enhance eternity.

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