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Life nourishment for soul.

August 27, 2017

The body exists in life and in love. The soul flourishes through life and love. It is the recognition of love that is the ultimate nourishment of the spirit, and it is through that nourishment of spirit that life takes on greater significance.

Human life, the body, finds nourishment from the spirit, from the soul, as well. It is not merely the soul informing the body, for if the soul's only purpose were to teach and to grow on its own, the body would not be so essential. The truth is the soul grows because of its connection in human life to the body. It is equally true that the body of human life takes on significance because of the soul. The body does matter, not because it is a body, but because the experiences of human life provide a kind of nourishment for the soul. Both the body and the soul need one another to find the nourishment that is most appropriate.

The consequence of body and soul, of life and the soul being love, is a sense of balance that finds its greatest expression in peace, for peace is a state of balance. It is a state of justice and equality. It is a state of understanding, of compassion, but that justice and equality, that understanding and compassion are merely manifestations of life, human life and love as a powerful nutrient to life. Both human life and spiritual life, therefore, need one another.

Life nourishment for soul.
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