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Lift up the sacred value of all.

May 30, 2021

The events that lie before you are not the playing out of a scripted drama. They unfold. They are the response of leaders, those leaders in themselves responding to light or to darkness. As human beings become more sensitive to God’s presence, the shift of energies will continue to move away from darkness and toward light.

What is your role in that drama? Your role is to be committed in your thoughts, prayers, and actions to all efforts that lift up the sacred value and essence of all people, whether or not those you lift up express themselves in ways that you feel reflect the presence of the Spirit Center. It is not for you to judge them anymore than it is for those who hold different thoughts and values than you to be judgmental of you, and yet recognizing the presence of that judgment that travels in all directions, you find ways to commit yourself to what exists beyond those judgments. You don’t have full knowledge, and your judgments will be based on the knowledge you have. Accept that as part of being human, and when you can, step away and allow yourself to stand beyond those judgments. Allow yourself to exist beyond behaviors that you may feel are so destructive.

Lift up the sacred value of all.
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