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Light wins over darkness.

July 17, 2022

Individuals may have a positive impact, and that is good, but the individual who provides strong, positive energy cannot go forever. If the benefits that were initiated are to be continued, they are continued by many. It is the power of community that ultimately carries the day, even if the initial presence was focused on a small group of individuals.

The same can be said for the individual who wreaks havoc upon society and many suffer. In time, that individual is no longer present, and in time, the character of the society from which the individual emerged will have experienced a significant refinement, and goodness and light will overcome that darkness. That is not to say the darkness does not exist for it does, and human life is filled with great suffering, pain, and loss. The darkness is a presence, but the light is a powerful energy, and that energy always wins over the darkness.

Light wins over darkness.

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