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Live to expand love.

February 10, 2019

God gives you life, not so that God can grow, but so that love can expand. It is true, God could have created a reality in which there was no room for growth, there was no room for development, there was no room for an expansion of love, but it is part of God’s plan that love must expand. Your life can be described as participation in expansion.

Love is indeed energy. The nature of energy is to expand in balance, but nevertheless to increase in one form or another. When a stone is dropped into a still pond, the waves reach out. When light travels, it expands. When heat is created, it expands outward—it does not contract. When ice freezes, it expands outward—it does not contract. The direction, therefore, of everything that is is one of expansion.

Your relationships with others in the end are not self-directed. They are directed toward another. When you give a gift, you give because it benefits something beyond yourself. It is true, you may benefit, but ultimately the benefit reaches beyond. The characteristic of love to expand is no different.

Live to expand love.
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