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Loss of ego.

January 15, 2017

Everyone is related to each other just as you are related to the entirety of nature. By sensing that relationship, you begin to sense the presence of God in life. Recognizing your position within that view of creation tends to diminish the importance of elements within your life which are anxiety producing and tends to diminish your own sense of self-importance.

Human life is, of course, to be valued. It is sacred. It is vital for your own spiritual growth, but you are not really so important or significant that you can have dominance over others. The loss of ego becomes an indication of your acceptance of self within the entirety of creation. The dominance of ego indicates a narrow vision of what life is. It places too much importance on the self and limits the view of what lies beyond. This is not to suggest that you are insignificant, but these remarks are meant to indicate that although you are important, you are only a part of a far vaster view, a far greater reality of what exists.

Loss of ego.
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