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Love creates all.

November 7, 2021

Love is what created your galaxy and universe, but love has created more universes, and not just universes of stars but universes of identified energy sources and characteristics. The universes created by God are not even measurable. They are beyond a theoretical understanding of their possible existence. These universes are created from the laws of love, not the laws of physics.

Humans will never fully understand the implications of those other universes, for there are many that exist even within each of you. Universe does not have to be a physical space that is examined, studied, and postulated over. These are universes of feeling, of caring, of understanding. There are universes that exist only in a spiritual realm, not a physical realm. There are many dimensions to what love actually is, but you live in a physical world, in a physical universe, that is governed by physical principles, many of which are observable either in theory or in actual practice.

Love creates all.
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