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Love grows.

June 16, 2024

God has no limits because God is not a physical entity, but God is composed in part by entities. These entities are spirit, and as spirits become all love, that presence of God is in every way expanded and becomes an even greater presence.

Love can only do one thing. There is nothing else or it is no longer love. That one thing is that love grows. Love expands. Loves broadens out. Love reaches out. Love embraces. Love accepts. Love brings in. Love gathers. Love gives. Love receives. All are part of this growth.

Love is not defined as an energy that is withheld, that is retracted, that is rejected, for if love is rejected, it is no longer love. If love judges, it is no longer love. You are not loving when you reject and cast away, for that is not how love is defined. Love exists only as it expands. You, in your own particular way, belong to that expansion, enhance that expansion, and give it character and depth and meaning.

Love grows.

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