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Love is natural state.

February 18, 2018

Human life contains within it an ability to increase what is negative. If you feel hateful toward an individual, it is not a great leap to later feel hate toward a group. That hatred increases. Why? Because of the energy which is sent out. Evil becomes magnified. Evil thoughts become evil actions. When you see a response to evil, you often see still greater evil. When you hear remarks directed toward another that are hurtful, it is very natural for many to strike back with remarks that are more hurtful that in turn encourage still greater hurts to be inflicted. The energy keeps expanding and feeds upon itself.

When an individual dies, negative energy is no longer being created, but the negative energy that is out there, that exists, is then subject to the positive energy that is also available, and the energy of love and compassion is far more powerful than the energy of hate. It is a kind of contest, you might believe. Love always wins out. Love is the natural state of all that has been created, and it is to this natural state that everything returns.

Love is natural state.
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