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Love is sacred.

October 29, 2007

Life is sacred. Love is even more so. You live to love; you don’t love in order to live. If your lives are governed by what it means to be loving, your lives will be directed in an appropriate way. You will be on a path illuminated by God’s presence, but that path is surrounded by a commitment to being loving.

Any time you are faced with decisions that can create enormous stress and doubt and concern, always ask first whether it is a decision based on being loving or not, for being loving is never self-directed. You are therefore doing what you do because it directs love outside, beyond you to a wider circle. If you feel you are motivated in your actions by what is self-serving, self-comforting, and in the process take advantage of others, that is not a path illuminated by God, for God is love, and therefore your path toward God is a path toward love, not a path away from it.

Love is sacred.
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