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Love must be giving.

December 21, 1986

If you are to work for peace within and for peace in the world, you cannot take the position that there are just some things beyond your control. You must become involved. That involvement in lessening the burden of others can only be motivated by a conviction of love and compassion. Love without compassion is meaningless. Love must be giving. It must be caring. It must be doing what needs to be done to support and elevate the soul of another.

You may not find an easy task of elevating the soul of one who lives thousands of miles away whom you have never met. Perhaps you know of another person who needs your compassion, who needs your caring not just verbally but prayerfully and personally. The compassion which motivates you toward action raises the spiritual intensity in the world, even when you are drawn to helping one other person. Because you are all interconnected spiritually, what is done for the benefit of one is done for the benefit of all. Negative feelings affect not only one soul but all souls.

Your responsibilities in life of elevating and strengthening the souls of all human beings are realized as you strengthen the spiritual light of one other person. The task is not beyond your reach. It is your choice to become committed to reaching out with compassion, being the hand of God, being the eye of God, being the heart of God—that you are empowered to do.

Love must be giving.
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