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Love yourself.

May 5, 1984

Love one another, yes, but first of all love yourself, for in loving yourself you will know the benefit of peace and insight and strength and will draw from that well in your love of another. Achieve peace within first, and your life will carry greater focus. Truly accept yourself as a creature of God, as a container of God’s spirit, as a steward of this divinity. Don’t measure your place in life with the perspective of some perception of where you think you ought to be. That only leads to frustration, bitterness, impatience, and turmoil.

You are who you are, and you are where you are because of God’s grace. No one can be impatient with that grace, for none question a gift from God. It is accepted as a gift of love. It is never questioned. Accept your lives as a gift of God’s love, and any sense of frustration and anxiety will disappear completely.

God’s peace is your peace. God’s strength is your strength. God’s love is for you to love. God’s acceptance is for you to be accepting. Be grateful for the blessing of life, and be thankful that God has provided you with a means of accepting that life.

Love yourself.
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