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Loving a flower helps it grow.

September 29, 2019

You may love the beauty of a flower. You may be inspired by its presence, beauty, aroma, and the shape of that flower. Love is experienced, but you don’t feel a kind of human love coming from something that is inanimate.

The love that you offer a flower can help it grow and evolve into something of great beauty. You may know of studies that attempt to explain the impact of your voice on something inanimate. People will speak in loving terms to one plant, and as an experiment speak angrily at another, and then they are surprised that the plant they spoke so lovingly to thrived more fully. Clearly there is a connection you have with life around you, but you are still limited in your understanding of love beyond the love that you have received from other human beings.

As a result, in order for God to have meaning, many individuals impose human-like emotions in their understanding of God. “God is angry. God is filled with wrath. God punishes. God comforts.” The truth is you feel comfort because of the greater loving reality that is God. You are nurtured as your vision and heart are opened to receive loving energy that is God.

The God whom you seek who is the center of all is a force, an energy, that is positive and creates light, not darkness. It is a God that has as its center a component that is best understood by humans as a human kind of love, but that love is far more extensive. That love is an energy of creation, one that builds and reinforces. It is an energy that reaches out with understanding, but it is not adequately described when the presence of God is given only human characteristics.

Loving a flower helps it grow.
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