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Magic of embrace.

May 8, 2020

There is a magic and meaning to the physical embrace, and when you are denied that opportunity, its value is increased. The connection that you have with others becomes move valuable, more sought after, more a part of your life. For having gone through this, there will be a stronger commitment to the place that all people have at the table of God’s nourishment. You are actually blessed, not by the difficulties but by the growth that occurs. You are blessed in your reaching out. You are blessed by the reaching out of others to you. The connections that you have with all others become more sacred.

If an individual goes through a period of great hunger, that person never forgets what it means to be fed and nourished. There is an appreciation and gratitude for the very act of physical nourishment. It takes on a profound presence to that person. And so it is with you, for all have been deprived of parts of their lives that provide nourishment, encouragement, affirmation, warmth, yes even love.

Coming through this experience, therefore, is a reaffirmation of what is truly important. For some, that recognition will come quickly. For others, there may be a kind of bitterness, a resentment, a desire to place blame, but none of that serves any good purpose. One doesn’t look back at these experiences with anger surrounded by negativity. It is God’s will that all human beings have within them the potential to take what has been experienced and move forward with light.

Magic of embrace.
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