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Magnify God’s presence.

July 10, 2016

Your soul responds to God in varying ways. Souls which are strongly developed feel God’s light most intensely and guide their human forms. Those more distant have greater difficulty in guiding human life. But God knows the strengths of each person’s soul, and therefore the potential each has for responding to God.

Stability is such a response. It is the means by which you become empowered to reflect God to others. You become a leader, as it were, encouraging others to find God, opening eyes so that others may see more clearly. This stability, this recognition of God’s omnipresence, has within it the potential of directing your life in such a way that you can effect changes on a vast scale in the world. Therefore, when you observe chaos, when you see tragedy, when you recognize suffering and fear, be committed to the fact that in you God has given all that is needed for you to radiate stability and magnify God’s presence in the world. You are not powerless. You are not a speck of dust blown by the wind.

The events of life, whether personal or of a larger scope, do not ultimately control you, for God has given you the means of response. Your response must always be centered on love and never a show of strength as perceived by so many. Love is far stronger than words or any other power. Love is the generation of action. Love is the guiding light which directs your response to life around you. It is love that defines the power of God in the universe.

Magnify God’s presence.
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