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Mature prayer.

January 9, 2022

It is far too seldom that prayers are offered for such things as peace or acceptance. It is more normal to pray for the most immediate kind of response. As a child, one can pray for specific gifts, because those gifts are concrete in their evidence. They are immediately recognizable. As you mature, the goal of what you pray for becomes less immediate, and the subject of those prayers becomes significantly deeper.

Seek a means of recognizing God's response and to pray, if prayer is what is needed, for a result which is appropriate. Healing is always appropriate, but healing takes many forms. Peace is also appropriate, but peace takes many forms. For some, peace is the relinquishing of anger, competitiveness, or bitterness. It could be the elimination of envy, self-pity, or impatience. One can pray for love, but one must also recognize that the realization of love takes many forms. It may be in acceptance of another. It may often be in acceptance of one's self. When you pray for peace to surround another, be willing to accept that such peace may come in a form not readily recognizable by you. One can always surround another with peace.

Mature prayer.

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