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Moral code of love and affirmation.

May 16, 2021

There are those whose actions within society seem detrimental and indeed impact many, and there are those in society whose example of living can provide a model for countless others to emulate and follow, but neither groups of individuals so described are more valuable than others. Neither group is less valuable. All are equal, and yet in their own ways they command much authority.

It is at this point that we must underscore that such authority is authority assumed or granted by other human beings. It is not an authority put forth from the Spirit Center. What seems to have enormous impact on many may indeed be the case when viewed on strictly human bases, but the real authority, the authority that is of greatest impact, is the expression of mutual concern, of mutual respect, a loving view as one gazes upon others. That is the authority that is consequential.

It is that kind of authority that is not solely limited to individuals. If you consider for a moment the evolution of societies of human beings, despite what you observe and hear about, there is a moral code that bends towards love and affirmation which is wending its way throughout humankind. Because of the current capabilities of mass communication, you hear much about the exceptions and very little about the many. You pray for a wider expression of love worldwide, and yet you seldom hear about such activity. The evolution of a more affirming society among human beings is indeed moving forward in God's light.

Moral code of love and affirmation.
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