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More praying increases impact.

April 10, 2022

When you pray for others, you are helping them. When many pray, you are helping them even more, because you and they are not separate. You are part of that same tapestry. You are part of the entire creation. There is no mystery to your ability to help one another. There is no mystery about the impact of several beings praying in the same direction at the same time. If you are all pushing in the same direction, you will move the stone. If you are all pushing in separate directions, then no movement is perceived.

Prayer is incredibly powerful. It always works, and the more who pray, the more impact the prayer has. But you see, this is a function of your spiritual unity. It is not an activation enhanced through prayer that is directed towards God’s actions. God does not work harder when prayed to by many as opposed to few. God does not take sides and feel “well if this many people want such and such, then I’d better work at it.” That’s a human reaction; it is not a spiritual one.

If you pray for the right things to take place, it makes no difference to God how many are praying, for what is right is right. What enhances, what strengthens, whatever uplifts, what affirms, what comforts, what transmits love, what expresses compassion—all of these are right. If only one prays for what is right, rightness will prevail, because the individual or community for which you pray has been opened to receive these gifts of rightness.

More praying increases impact.

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