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More souls united with God.

October 27, 2019

The Divine Essence is much like a photographic image. The total picture is comprised of many small particles, each equal in importance and essential to the whole. By examining one particle, you cannot get a sense of the picture. It is important, rather, to observe the development and unfolding of the image. The concept of God’s completeness is made up of such minute particles.

As souls progress, the image of God becomes clearer until a point is reached when the soul has no other desire than to be a particle in that image. In other words, that soul becomes united with and is a part of God. The more particles of a photograph, the clearer is its image. The more souls who are united with God, the stronger God’s force and the clearer God’s presence to others.

You are on a journey drawing you closer to God’s image, clarifying and strengthening God’s presence. There are times when the images of God which you perceive are not equal to your understanding of them. This does not diminish their importance. It is merely an additional piece to be placed in the final picture.

More souls united with God.
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