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More than one way of reaching God.

June 23, 2024

You have the ability to receive God’s guidance through numerous methods. God does not single out one method per person so that if you miss that method, you miss God. You do not express your love to a child in one way, one way for a son and a different way for a daughter. Both know your presence, not only by sight, but by sound and touch.

So it is with God. You are as a radio with numerous stations contained within. You may choose one means or another of receiving God that depends upon your situation, your mood, the kind of life you may live, your concerns, but God is available to all through many routes.

If you seek one method of reaching God and find it difficult, try another. You may seek direct guidance but find you are more successful in achieving a sense of God’s presence through prayer. Prayer is also direct, for it operates to God and from God simultaneously. When you honestly pray to God, you really are open to receive.

More than one way of reaching God.

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