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Nations must listen to one another.

March 5, 2023

The strength of nations changes. No country has always been dominant. No nation can anticipate permanent dominance. Ultimately just as is true for people, nations must learn to listen to one another. That is not to say that nations must learn to agree any more than you are asked to agree with your neighbor, but you can listen, and listening involves energy flowing in two directions. One direction is purely receptive listening without judgment, but the other component for such listening to be helpful must be a commitment to express what is actually believed.

If two people are in an honest conversation over difficulties they experience, it does little good if one listens and the other has nothing to say. For the listening to be beneficial, an individual must exercise the freedom of honest expression. Such honest expression has no benefit if the other is not listening. Energy must be exchanged both ways.

Your nation feels some collective anxieties. Those anxieties may be with politicians or with international relationships, but for those difficulties to be resolved, there must be total openness to expression and openness to listening.

Nations must listen to one another.

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