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Negative and positive energy.

March 8, 2020

God’s energy is an energy of good, of what is positive. All that you think of as the meaning of love is included in the energy that is God, but that love is only a part of what God is. The good that you know of is only one form of God’s energy.

The energy of creation is a vibration of sorts, and that vibration causes all else to vibrate sympathetically. God is a positive energy, an energy of good, and therefore all forms of energy that are positive and good vibrate sympathetically with God.

There is also a negative energy that is part of the creation by God, but it is not a reflection of all that God is. There is a purpose in God’s creation for what you perceive to be negative energy. Its purpose is to provide some clarity about the need for positive energy to be practiced, shared, spread, and multiplied.

You are most aware of the light when you are in darkness. It is the darkness that helps bring into focus the reason for light, and so although God has created what may be experienced as negative energy, it is not to glorify its presence but rather to glorify the reason for what is good, loving, and supportive. It is the negative energy that can provide you with a stronger commitment to see with the heart.

Negative and positive energy.
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