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Negativity is a shield between God’s light and yours.

October 30, 2022

A life lived according to God's wishes is a life of transparence. This transparency enables the soul to be in direct contact with God's light.

An individual who lives a life full of negativism functions as a kind of shield placed between God's light and the soul's light. This is where your life becomes so important to the development of the soul, for it can facilitate the soul's natural tendency to be drawn to God or it can hinder that tendency. Nevertheless, the response of that soul is a response which is natural to it just as a plant's response is natural. When you cover the window, the plant's response is no longer possible. When you cover your soul, the response of your soul cannot be forthcoming.

Much of what must be accomplished in life is the enabling of the soul to exercise its natural response to God. God's light is constantly there, and in an environment without hindrance the soul can flourish and expand and increase its light. It becomes stronger and more healthy. It maintains that energy of light. There are times in all lives when you serve as a kind of shield, preventing God's light from being a part of the nourishment of your soul. But the brilliance of your spiritual self contains within it the energy necessary to maintain itself, not necessarily to grow, but by the same token it will not wither. The stronger the soul is the more strength it has when the shield is present.

Negativity is a shield between God’s light and yours.

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