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Never be a threat.

March 27, 2022

Tolerance, true tolerance for the opinions of others, the actions of others, is indeed difficult to acquire. From your own perspective it is impossible to fully comprehend fanatics of another religious persuasion who are bent upon destroying what threatens their belief. But you see, you wish to halt the spread of whatever threatens your own belief structure because you feel that what is best for you is generally best for all. Cultures are different; heritages are different. What one must learn to do, whether as part of one culture or another, is to be willing to let other beliefs subsist side by side without the threat or fear of loss which can result. The Jew must not be suspicious of the Christian nor the Arab. All pursuits are legitimate. If the Arab feels the Jew is not a threat, then the Arab is no longer a threat to the Jew. Peace is achieved.

Turmoil is the result of feeling threatened. It is not caused by what one believes; it is caused by the threat of losing what one believes. If you wish to promote peace, you must never be a threat. If you wish to promote peace, you must let all live. You cannot let all live unless you perceive all else as nonthreatening. If all else is nonthreatening, why should fear exist? Peace is achieved.

Never be a threat.

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