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No essential difference between God and souls.

August 27, 2023

God is with you and supports your soul with the light of love and peace. Your soul responds in very direct ways to God's presence. Some of these responses occur without being initiated by your own prayers or activities. Your soul is not some kind of inanimate existence that somehow exists only as you permit it. Your soul has a life of its own. There is much influence or direction which you exercise on the development of your soul. But your soul indeed has a very real life which to a degree is somewhat independent.

There is a very natural connection between the life of your soul and the life of God. It is a kind of response which could be likened to a magnetic response. In the presence of a strong magnet, iron is drawn closer. In the presence of God your soul is drawn toward God, but it is also drawn towards others.

Your soul is a kind of connection which you have to infinite life, for your soul has always existed and it will continue forever to exist. Humans cannot comprehend infinity, and therefore it is difficult to grasp the concept of an infinite life for a soul. The soul has always existed because God has always existed. There was not a beginning and suddenly God began. God has always been. God's life is really a complete circle; it is a complete sphere. Each soul is but a fragment of that circle or sphere, containing in it as fragments every element common to God. As a result, there is no essential difference between the reality of God and the soul which is in every person.

No essential difference between God and souls.

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