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No good thought or prayer lost.

January 28, 2018

Whatever energy you produce is permanent when it is positive. There is no good thought that is lost. There is no supportive prayer that evaporates. There is no concern for another which ceases to be present. All that is good remains. It is permanent. You are replenished by God. You are replenished by that spiritual energy of love. When you are aware of that great love within, you manifest it without in many different ways—creatively, interpersonally, intellectually, physically, emotionally.

When you feel consumed by negative energy, the world seems smaller. Your life seems somehow diminished when you are dominated by fear or anger. You are not stronger because you are angry. Anger toward another does not elevate you above another. You are diminished by that negative energy. The other is also in some ways diminished. But positive energy strengthens you and strengthens all around you. With positive energy, your world is increased in size and your vision of life around you is increased.

No good thought or prayer lost.
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