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No isolation in God’s creation.

April 7, 2019

Your relationship with God affects and shapes your relationship with others. If you feel a close relationship to God, you cannot feel isolated from another human being, for isolation means darkness, and in God’s creation there is no total isolation. No one is alone, nothing which has been created is alone, and therefore, nothing is isolated. Because nothing is isolated, all have connections to others. Each individual has the responsibility for nurturing the development of others. This may be through expressing love to another, support, teaching, or caring for another medically. It could be any number of ways.

Recognize that you are not islands. Recognize that all humans are a single unit really. There is nothing that separates you from another. Only attitudes can be built as walls, but in truth, regardless of the attitudes, you are all still a single unit. Inasmuch as you can recognize the unity of all human beings, you will not feel a sense of aloneness, you will never feel separated, and you will recognize the need of supporting others through love by what you say, by what you do, by what you think. All have an impact on those around you. This is the bigger picture. This is the view forward and upward.

No isolation in God’s creation.
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